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The 25 Best Beach Towns in America

On a warm spring or summer day, if the liquid feeling of sunlight doesn’t instantly lift your mood in one of these charming beach towns, the historical character, quality shopping and grub—and many other pleasing attributes—certainly will.

Just in time for vaccine summer, which is going to be marked by both “Toe Dip Trips” and revenge travel galore, it’s officially time to start planning your next vacation to any one of these charming beach towns in America.

Best Beach Towns, Kenai Alaska


Yes, seriously, a beach in Alaska! While you’re not wrong to drum up visions of snow-capped mountains when you think of The Last Frontier, you can also add this small beach town to your overall vision. Known as a world-class King Salmon fishing destination, this truly authentic Alaskan village’s beach and water temperatures might not be ideal for sunbathing, but they are where you’ll catch some of the most stunning sunsets in the U.S. If you’re only looking to extend your Alaskan trip, this is the perfect spot for a day trip or a quick weekend getaway.

Stay at the town’s newest hotel, The Cannery Lodge, which offers a lovely bar and lounge, as well as convenient proximity to beaches, hiking and fishing. Basically, it’s a go-to hub for those looking for outdoor adventures. The interiors pay homage to the cannery’s history and feature stunning rustic features and unbeatable views.