Marine Services

Boat Launch

PRL Logistics and The Cannery Lodge have a private boat launch and service dock on campus. This is available by reservation only and the total spaces are limited per day. Credit card is required to secure your reservation. On the day of your reservation, please check in with the registration office for instructions and parking permit before making your way to the boat launch.



To launch and park for the day, the fee is $75.00. SPACE IS LIMITED AND RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED!

Additional vehicle parking is available at the lodge campus in our overflow parking area. Additional vehicle parking is free for lodge guests, $10.00 for those not staying at the lodge.

To make a reservation, contact the main office between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM.

Main Office: 907.261.9499

Boat Launch Rules:

All users of the PRL Boat Launch and Service Dock are subject to the rules set forth by the management team. PRL staff will enforce the rules in an equitable and professional manner.

  1. The entire launch and adjacent service dock area is designated as a “NO WAKE ZONE”.
  2. All users must follow any instructions provided by the PRL launch staff, if present.
  3. Any non-member or non-pass holder landing from the river system must pay the published launch use fees.
  4. No vessel may be moored overnight in the launch unless approved by the Office.
  5. No vessel may be moored nor left unattended in the launch at any time without approval from management.
  6. Loading and unloading vessel in the launch ramp area is prohibited. Use designated space in the upper parking lot by the lodge for these purposes.
  7. Vehicles may be used to load and unload passengers and equipment while moored in the launch provided the vehicle is not left unattended and does not obstruct traffic to and from the launch ramp areas.
  8. Commercial users wishing to use the launch to load or unload equipment and supplies must obtain approval of PRL staff in advance of expected delivery.
  9. No loads may be left unattended in the launch area.
  10. No fueling in the launch area.
  11. No unattended vehicles may be left in the launch area.
  12. Cleaning and/or discarding of fish parts in the launch are strictly prohibited.
  13. Children must not be left unattended or unsupervised in the launch.
  14. A “launch” is defined as one exit and one entry from the PRL property onto the Kenai River.